Friday, April 18, 2008

Rain falls and the week ends

Becca Allgire and Julie Alexander carry wet tarps away from the camp. Alexander loaned three tarps to Habitat to help keep out the rain.

Under the rumble of an enormous thunderclap, three former box-dwellers and I lugged soaking cardboard to a dumpster Friday morning.
We got through the night, but our week of living in boxes concluded today as the rain fell.
After folding one of the boxes - not my own - I rested it on my head, balancing it along with my backpack, my camera and an umbrella, and walked to a dumpster. My sight impaired by the open umbrella, I struggled to maneuver the box into the dumpster's opening. After throwing away one other box and folding up the tarps, our work was done. We all went off to classes or our homes.

Today was scheduled to be our last day, so the rain didn't cut off much of our time outside, but it was still a sad note to end on.

All and all, sleeping in and living out of a box all week was a good experience. I'd like to thank everyone who came by and donated money, food or time.

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