Thursday, April 17, 2008

Seeking shelter from the storm

For the past couple days, people have been telling us it's going to rain on Thursday.
"We know," we tell them, "we're trying to find tarps."
Today we found someone to loan us tarps, and John Morrison (pictured) and I threw them on the boxes.
We used a lot of duct tape trying to secure the tarps to the boxes. When a hard wind came, it would go under the tarps and lift them off the boxes.
After another round of duct tape, we think the tarps are finally secure.
Cardboard doesn't hold up very well in water, so we're hoping we have enough protection if the rain does come.
We can handle a little rain, but we're worried about a full-blown thunderstorm.
The group has discussed it, and we decided that if we think we're in danger or if our campsite is flooding, we're going to shut everything down a day early.
I really want to go until Friday, and I hope we make it, but we do want to be safe.
Our boxes covered in tarps.

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